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Amigurumi Charita Doll Mermaids tail ~ Free Pattern

Charita Dolls Regina Ignis Avery Mermaid
 In the beginning, more than twenty centuries ago, it began in the ancient Greece... 
Sirens of the ancient greek mythologies were the beginning from the illustrations which you will know as The Mermaid, PAMPAMPAAAAAAMMMM!!! From the Sirens to Disney's Ariel, the mermaid exist. Unbelievable that the thoughts of a little girl about mermaids began more than twenty centuries ago, but then, it wasn't the little girl who said mermaids exist, but everyone said so! And it is the truth.

I love Disney's The Little Mermaid, it's a fantastic film to watch and quite educational, al those greek mytholgies has been taught to all little girls! I have talked enough about the history of The Mermaid, what I was going to say was that I always wanted a costume of Ariel, The Little Mermaid, but I think I won't get one from my parents, they will think I fell on my head and I don't want so. Because of that I have designed and made a mermaid costume for the Charita Dolls. I made, as you can see on the picture, a pearl colored mermaids tail, I love the pearl colors and it is so shiny! If you want to make Ariel's mermaid tail, you can just choose a green colored yarn, but I love the shiny, pearly ones. I hope I do you a pleasure with this pattern and of course your Charita Doll!

Do not reprint, repost or sell these Mermaids tails, Dolls or pattern! Just please provide a link back to this webadress. Thank you!


NOTE       This pattern only is designed for the Charita Dolls on my blog. For the pattern, please click here. 
This pattern you can also find @ 

MR - magic ring
sc - single crochet
inc - increase
dec - decrease
st(s) - stitch(es)
ch - chain
FO - fasten off
Rnd - round
dc - double crochet
hdc - half double crochet
tc - triple crochet
sl st - slip stitch
*...* - actions in asterisks should be repeated until round completion or to the indicated stopping point in the round
(...) -  number in parentheses indicates total number of stitches after round / row completion

Pearl colored yarn
Stitch marker
2,5mm crochet hook
Your Charita Doll

Here below you can see a chart with all the pearl colors. I chose the powder almond.
Pearls @ Google

The Pattern

Mermaids tail (pearl colored yarn)
Rnd 1           6sc in MR (6)
Rnd 2-3       *sc* (6)
Rnd 4          *2sc, inc* (8)
Rnd 5          *3sc, inc* (10)
Rnd 6          *4sc, inc* (12)
Rnd 7-16     *sc* (12)
Rnd 17        *5sc, inc* (14)
Rnd 18-20   *sc* (14)
Rnd 21        *6sc, inc* (16)
Rnd 22-30   *sc* (16)

Rnd 31         *7sc, inc* (18)
Rnd 32         *sc* (18)
Rnd 33         *7sc, dec* (16)

Mermaids caudal (pearl colored yarn)
The Mermaids caudal begins at the first round of the Mermaids tail
Work in ROWS! 
Row 1         6 sc in the beginning of  the Mermaids tail, around (6)
Row 2         *3dc in 1sc* (18)
Row 3         *2dc in 1dc* (36)
Row 4         *dc in 1dc, 2dc in 1dc* (54)
Row 5         *sc, 3ch* (54) 

This pattern is designed for the Charita dolls which are dressable. So you can change the clothes. If you don't want a dressable mermaid, you can stop at the 11th round of the body from the Charita Doll Base Pattern and start to stuff the body. The Mermaids Tail pattern is OK, but you have to stuff it and sew it on the 11th round of the body from the Charita Doll Base Pattern. But remember, your doll can't wear any other clothes and she will always be ... A MERMAID!!!

... And your Charita Mermaid Doll is DONE!
Here below some photo skills from Avy...
Charita Dolls Regina Ignis Avery Mermaid

Charita Dolls Regina Ignis Avery Mermaid

Charita Dolls Regina Ignis Avery Mermaid

Charita Dolls Regina Ignis Avery Mermaid

Charita Dolls Regina Ignis Avery Mermaid

Charita Dolls Regina Ignis Avery Mermaid


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