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Charita Dolls Hair Tutorial

 If you are making a doll, and you want beautiful hair for your doll, it will take a lot of your time, but if you are done, it is worth it, but this is only the case if you make gorgeous hair. I've experimented with a lot of hairstyles, and I give you the opportunity to choose your way to make hair for the dolls. For the Charita Dolls I made a wig cap, because I want to change the hair for each costume she wears.

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NOTE       This pattern only is designed for the Charita Dolls on my blog. For the pattern, please click here.

MR - magic ring
sc - single crochet
inc - increase
dec - decrease
st(s) - stitch(es)
ch - chain
FO - fasten off
Rnd - round
dc - double crochet
hdc - half double crochet
tc - triple crochet
sl st - slip stitch
*...* - actions in asterisks should be repeated until round completion or to the indicated stopping point in the round
(...) -  number in parentheses indicates total number of stitches after round / row completion

Colored yarn for the hair
2,5mm crochet hook

The Pattern

Wig cap (colored yarn for the hair)
Rnd 1      10sc in MR (10)
Rnd 2         *inc* (20)
Rnd 3         *sc, inc* (30)
Rnd 4-14    *sc* (30)
Cut the yarn and FO.

Stiched hair
Now you have made the wig cap, but you want the hair! To make the hair, you have to cut the locks first. To cut the hairlocks, you need a rectangle cardboard. Think first about what length hair you want for the doll. Than cut twice the length of the hair, by this I mean, if you need 15cm hair for the doll, cut 30cm yarn. And to attach that hairlock on the wig cap, fold it half, insert your crochet hook trough the wig cap where you want to have the hair. Grab hence the loop of the yarn, where you have folded in half. Remove ONLY the loop of the yarn. Pull the two ends of the yarn trough that loop. Make it tight and you have attached two hairlocks on the wig cap. It could be that my explanation is a little bit indistinct, so I decided to post a YouTube video below.

Sewn hair
The most easy way to make hair is to stitch the hair to your doll's head. The benefits about this way is that it is super easy to stitch and you are done! But the disadvantage is that there is no hair in the separation of the hair and it is more difficult to style. So if you want a braid in the hair or pigtails, this is the best way.

1. Choose the length of your hair. To measure the length you want, start from the top of the head where the separation begins. It is the best if you overestimate the length you will need, because you can always trim the hair later.

2. Cut a rectangle out of cardboard that has the same width as the hair length you want. If you want the hair 15cm long, for example, make the cardboard 15cm wide.

3. Wrap your hair yarn loosely around the width of the cardboard. The number of strands you will need to cover the head depends on how large the doll's head is. If you don't have enough, you can add more strands after you have tied them all together and see how much hair you have made.

4. Cut a long length of sewing thread in the same shade as the hair. Pass one end of the thread underneath the middle of the first strand of yarn. Don't loose the thread from the cardboard. Tie a double wrap in the middle of the thread, around the yarn strands and pull it tight.

5. Pass one end of the thread underneath the next strand of yarn, tie another double wrap with the two ends of the thread, and pull it tight. Make a double wrap around the middle of each strand of yarn.

6. Continue double wrapping until you have tied together all the strands alond the middle. Check to see if you have enough hair, the height of the tied hair, along the line of knotted thread, should equal the distance on the head from forehead to the nape of the neck. Add more strands of yarn if necessary.

7. Turn the cardboard over. Use a pair of scissors to cut through the middle of all the strands of yarn. You will end up with strands of yarn twice the length of your initial measurement, all tied together at their midpoint.

8. Use a hand-sewing needle and sewing thread to stitch the hair down by the tied midpoints in a straight line along the centre of the head, from the top of the forehead to the nape of the neck.

9. When you have attached all the hair, gather each side of the hair and either tie it into a low pigtail behind the ear on each side or braid each side. Stitch the gathered hair to the head at the point where the pigtails or braids begin, so the wig won't flip up when playing with the doll.

Curly hair
There are three ways to make curly hair:

Unravel the plies of yarn
If you grab the end of a strand of yarn between your fingers in one direction, the plies of the yarn will twist more tightly together. If you twist in the other direction, the plies will begin to unravel so you can see gaps between them. Untwist each strand as much as you can in this way. Then, without releasing the strand, insert the tip of a yarn needle into a gap, or use your other hand to grab one of the plies, and begin to coax each ply free. The plies will retain their curly shape and make the hair more realistic. It is easier if you do this to each strand of yarn after stitching it into the head and it take a lot of time!

Make curly yarn
This is much simpler, but it requires some forward planning! To make curly yarn, crochet a big square or circle using the yarn you want to use for the hair, it doesn’t matter what shape you make, as long as you single crochet tightly. Thoroughly wet the piece after you finish crocheting, and leave it to dry fully. This may take several days. When it is dried, unravel the crocheted shape. The yarn will be all kinked up into messy curls, thanks to it being dried while looped into crocheted stitches. You can then cut the yarn into lengths and stitch it into the head.

Make yarn ringlets
To make perfectly shaped yarn ringlets, wrap yarn around a wooden dowel or knitting needle with the desired ringlet diameter, wet it thoroughly, and leave it to dry. When the yarn is completely dried, carefully slide it off the dowel, cut it into lengths, and hook the ringlets into the head. For a larger ami, or one with very long hair, you’ll need to use several dowels, or make the ringlets in several batches, to make enough ringlets to cover the whole head.

On the picture above, you see how I made the Cotton Candy wig cap.

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